Sri. Abhijeet Laxman Mahadik, 

 Newazi, Sangli dist, Maharashtra



Sri. Bhalarao Ramchandra Dhordira, 

Vasmar, Hingoli dist, Maharashtra



Sri.Kandula Narasi Reddy,

Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh



Horticulture Clinic and Business Centre


1. Objectives :

  • To create facilities for provision of technical guidance, custom hiring services including grading and packing to the fruit growers under a single roof.

  • To create additional job opportunities within the village itself to the unemployed Agriculture/Hort. Graduates.

  • To ensure easy availability of various horticultural inputs and technical/extension services to the orchardists / fruit growers to increase productivity.

2. Location & Area of Operation :


Rural areas having more than 200 ha area of orchards and farmers generally willing to avail of such services in about 100 ha and a minimum plant population of 15000 trees / plants per annum.


3. Project Components :


Power sprayer, Foot sprayers, Horticultural tool set.


4. Project Cost :


Sr. Particulars Units Total Cost (Rs.) No.


A. Capital Cost

(i) Power Sprayers (3.5 H.P.) 1 No. 25,000

(ii) Tool kit including Gas Mask, 1 Set 3,000 Spraying Coat, Gum Boots Etc.

(iii) Foot Sprayers 2 Nos. 4,000

(iv) Tub, Bucket, Jug etc. 2 sets 3,000

(v) Horticultural Tool Kit. 5,000

Total (1) : 40,000


B. Recurring Cost :

(1) Rental Charges for clinic and 12 Months 12,000 store (12 months)

(ii) Petrol & Lubricants and cost 33,000 of maintenance

(iii) Misc. Contingencies 12 Months 41,000

(iv) Cost of fungicides / 200,000 insecticides for spraying

Total (2) 286,000


Grand Total (1+2) :- 326,000


(It is proposed to capitalise 25% of the total recurring cost of Rs. 2,86,000 i.e., Rs. 71,500 and this forms part of the loan amount. This amount will be utilised as working capital to be revolved in a rotation of three months during the year. Therefore, total outlay will be Rs. 1,11,500/- say Rs. 1,12,000/-).


5. Margin (10%) : Rs. 0.11 lakhs

6. Bank Loan : Rs. 1.01 lakhs

7. Rate of Interest : 14% p.a.

8. Repayment Period : 7 years including a grace period of one year.

9. Income :

Sr. No. Item Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

1 Spraying charges @ Rs. 1.50 per tree for 81,000 101,250 135,000

six sprays per annum for 15,000/- fruit trees

2 Sale of fungicide/Pesticide @ Rs. 2.50 per 135,000 168,750 225,000

tree for 15,000 trees for six sprays per annum

3 Picking/grading, Packing etc. @ Rs. 5/- per 12,000 15,000 20,000

box for 4,000 boxes.

4 Training/Pruning and Other Misc. Activities 12,000 15,000 20,000

Total 240,000 300,000 400,000


It is assumed that :

i. Fifty percent of the pesticides will be supplied by the centre and the rest by the growers/orchardists.

ii. The income generation will be 60%, 75% and 100% during first year, second year and third year respectively.

10. Economics of the Project :


Net Present Worth : Rs. 3.68 lakhs.

Benefit Cost Ratio : 1.34 : 1

Internal Rate of Return : > 50%


11. Other Information :


The activities to be taken up by the Centre are -

i. Spraying of fruit trees in the orchards with fungicides/insecticides for the control of various pests & diseases.

ii. Providing services for picking, packing & grading of fruits in the orchards by entrepreneur along with two labourers during harvesting season of fruits.

iii. Pruning operations in the orchards / vineyards for the period of one month in a year depending upon the crop/season etc. by the entrepreneur with the help of two labourers.

iv. Guidance on quality, marketing, technical inputs, arranging for soil/leaf analysis for the orchardists, supply of reading material on technical matters in local languages to create awareness amongst farmers/fruit growers and supply of quality plant material.

Note :

Margin of 10% is assumed, but the actual margin will be as per the discretion of the banks.

Interest rate will be as per banks' discretion.

Similarly, the other economic / financial parameters such as the repayment period, DSCR, IRR, etc., may also vary depending upon the margin, interest rate, etc., taken into account by the bank.


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